Nomad continually seeks qualified candidates in sales, IT, engineering, production, purchasing and administration. Preferred industry sales experience includes government procurement, specialty vehicles, satellite communications, mobile command and communications, incident management, military communications, mobile education, public safety, oil and gas, mobile medical, emergency response, mine communications and mobile marketing. 






The chief function of the IT Project Engineer is to transform the Bid documentation from Marketing and Sales, Engineering, and other departments into a set of build documents, training documents, configurations, processes and procedures, and a Build of Materials (BOM) to meet and exceed a customer’s operational goals for the communication requirements of their project.


The documentation and tools that the IT Project Engineer will create will include, but will not be limited to:

·         A comprehensive Cable Runs spreadsheet that will show source and destination locations of all IT related cabling

·         A Rack Layout spreadsheet that will show the mounting location and rack shelf designations of all equipment that will be mounted in the electronic(s) rack(s)

·         A comprehensive Equipment Interconnects spreadsheet which will show all of the in-rack patches and patch cable types between different rack-mounted in the vehicle

·         An Antenna Layout spreadsheet which will show the physical mounting locations of all RF antennas on the roof of the vehicle

·         A Network Configuration spreadsheet which documents all equipment related IP addresses, serial numbers, and login credentials

·         A Cable Test spreadsheet which will include all homerun cables that will need to be tested, and

·         An Equipment Test spreadsheet which will include all installed IT-related equipment and antennas that will need to be tested during the Testing phase of the build




Perform in all aspects of the business including:

·         information systems engineering

·         documentation creation

·         research & design

·         reverse engineering

·         component selection

·         training of end user or other Nomad employees

·         project management and provide troubleshooting and end product support.

·         Design, analyze and build prototypes that meet product requirements and customer standards

·         Perform validation and verification testing and coordinate testing with Sales and Production 

·         Contribute to, review and  provide feedback on specifications and conceptual drawings

·         Manage IT project engineering  from conception level through release for production

·         Highlights Internal Technical Review (ITR) questions from original Specs & PNs

·         Contribute to the External Technical Review (ETR) meeting with the end customer and Sales and Marketing

·         Finalizes Specs and PNs from pre-change orders

·         Conduct R&D on items not identified or being considered within change items

·         Update questions in Specs and PNS

·         Coordinate with Sales, any necessary, additional clarifying meetings with Client, as needed

·         Conduct project kickoff meetings for IT Integration staff

·         Take part in and contribute to the weekly IT departmental meeting

·         Provide after hours technical support for clients according to IT Engineering rotation.


Purchasing Clerk


The Purchasing Clerk will be responsible for routine purchasing and administrative activities including processing purchase orders, updating electronic records, tracking shipments, linking Purchasing Department with other internal departments, assisting Finance in pricing discrepancies, establish/maintain a filing system, constant verbal and written communication with internal and external customers regarding orders, and maintaining ERP database reliability.  This position is also tasked with the responsibility of the front line phone attendant for the company.  Skills required include 100% customer service attitude and etiquette both internally and externally on the phones, extreme proficiency and accuracy in data entry, strong written and verbal communication skills, experience working in a database, proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel, experience with multi-line phone system, and the ability to deal with highly confidential information.  Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 1/2 hr lunch. 



will work under the direction of the Welding Supervisor to fabricate and weld metal and/or aluminum by applying appropriate welding techniques.   Welders will be actively involved in the production of emergency management communication vehicles. 

Requires 0-1 years of experience interpreting blueprints, specifications, diagrams or schematics and determining appropriate welding process.  Also requires 0-1 years of experience of MIG, TIG, spool gun, or push-pull welding applications.  Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job.  This is an entry level position. 


Tasks and Abilities:



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