Core Competencies


Nomad works exhaustively to ensure that each of our client’s have access to the latest technology available, as well as the ability to expand their vehicle’s capabilities when the time comes.  Nomad has a long history of working closely with each of our clients to provide unique mobile solutions to complicated operational challenges, whether that be creating 1000 square foot 53’ mobile classrooms to train US Army soldiers in the latest tank strategy, creating an IT backbone for the entire state of South Carolina, to innovating a radio dispatch platform that San Antonio, TX agencies can utilize when dispatching hundreds of ambulances and transport vehicles for hurricane relief.  Nomad’s vast experience and capabilities make certain your agency or company is the front runner in communications support and response.  Those capabilities include, but are not limited to:


Satellite Communication Infrastructure

As a leading provider of advanced interoperable communication solutions to the government and private sectors, Nomad specializes in providing voice and data solutions via Satellite to remote and infrastructure compromised areas.  Nomad is uniquely positioned to support our clients by providing turn-key end-to-end satellite bandwidth, on-site service, and emergency service calls.  Nomad is known for providing cost effective turnkey VSAT solutions by combining:



Nomad’s extensive past experience providing mission critical phone, video and data communications over satellite, our ability to integrate client specific hardware/software, our telephone help desk support and our proven ability to provide in field upgrades make Nomad uniquely qualified to deliver satellite reach back solutions to local, state, federal, military and private sector clients.


Nomad Content Delivery Network

Nomad offers this unique service to our clients with communications packages for times when instantaneous video broadcasting capabilities are a must. The Nomad Content Delivery Network utilizes broadband service designed to bring digital streaming video live to the internet where you can seamlessly build your own video bridge, which allows outside personnel to view onsite operations. 


Radio Interoperability

Nomad’s integration of interoperable radio communication equipment ensures that multi-band mobile radios, portable radios and cellular phones can link together by a single, user friendly control module.  Working in collaboration with leading radio communications manufacturers and engineers, Nomad’s radio communications integration team can recommended seamless designs, program the necessary equipment and train end users on complete functionality and troublehsooting of the system(s).


Cisco Certified Engineers

Nomad has Cisco certified IT Engineers on staff allowing us to integrate Cisco’s Unified Communication equipment into all of our vehicles.  Our IT and Structural Engineers work hand in hand to ensure that your equipment is properly installed and configured before the vehicle arrives at your location.  Nomad’s Engineers work closely with our client’s to mirror existing client systems.


Proprietary Multi-Touch Bi-Directional Briefing Screen

Nomad is proud of our proprietary embedded ‘write-on’ rear projection two-way briefing screen for indoor/outdoor briefings.  Working with the latest in touch screen technology, Nomad has developed a multi-touch version equipping Incident Commanders with even more tools to perform the job at hand.  The screen can be utilized by the Incident Commander when briefing first responders or by Public Information Officers when disseminating information to the media. 


Real Time Equipment Monitoring

Nomad offers a Real Time Monitoring Program to provide each of our clients with a customized plan for Nomad to monitor each unit both in storage and in operation providing active alert technology to pro-actively find system problems and provide immediate solutions that will keep the units operational during critical deployments.