Mobile Command Centers


Nomad’s premier line of Mobile Command Vehicles includes the Dispatch, Responder and IC platforms. Nomad provides Command Centers to local, state and federal law enforcement, fire and emergency management agencies. Designs and layouts vary between products, but typical vehicles include custom aluminum bodies, converged communications integration, spacious workstations and secure conference areas. Each and every Nomad Mobile Command Center is designed in house using the latest 3D modeling software, ensuring the entire project is ‘built’ virtually before it is built physically.


Dispatch Series

Nomad’s Dispatch Command Center is engineered for agencies searching for a smaller value added platform. The Dispatch is a rapid deployable command and communications tool, capable of being towed by a variety of tow vehicles. Ranging from 8’ – 30’ bumperpull trailers, the Dispatch line includes modular layouts that cater to agency operational requirements. Options include galley/bathroom areas, dispatch workstations, separated command and conference areas and small living quarters.                                           



Responder Series

Nomad’s Responder Command Center is engineered with space and flexibility in mind. This platform accommodates a large team or personnel and/or equipment but includes flexibility of a trailer based system. The Responder is based on an all aluminum gooseneck trailer ranging from 24’ – 53’, requires minimal maintenance and can be towed using multiple vehicles. Options include slide-outs to increase floor space, large living quarters, custom workstation design and an assortment of storage configurations.


IC Series

Nomad’s IC platform is engineered to respond to lengthy deployments and houses large teams of personnel. The IC product line consists of medium or heavy duty self-propelled chassis, including International, Freightliner, Ford and Chevrolet, with sizes and platforms varying based on complexity. Chassis options include Cab/Chassis, Sprinter vans and SUVs while modular options include multiple slide-outs, living quarters, large conference areas, separated radio dispatch rooms and galley/bathroom areas.


Command Center Retrofits & Upgrades

Nomad also specializes in refurbishing mobile command centers, as well as offers communication upgrade packages in those circumstances where outdated equipment no longer meets agency requirements. From cab/chassis units to recreational vehicles, Nomad can transform any vehicle into the latest in command and communications platform. 


 Photo: Patrick Lonegren