Interoperable Communications

Mobile Communications

Nomad is an industry leader in integration of advanced command, control and communication solutions through reliable and unified voice, data and video applications.

Mission Driven Solutions

Your mission is our mission.

Nomad’s reputation is founded on building trusted, collaborative relationships to insure that every one of our mission driven communications solutions is client centered. We work closely with every one of our clients to determine exactly what types of communication are needed to get the job done. Nomad’s team of engineers then designs each system to operate in exactly the right way to insure the success of your team’s mission.

Mobile Meeting Room


Radio Frequency (RF) Expertise

When an agency has particular RF requirements, Nomad has the IT engineering team on staff to support these initiatives.

Nomad’s proven track record in tying mobile RF assets into pre-existing terrestrial RF infrastructures gives us a unique ability to help your agency extend and supplement your network.

Bandwidth and Services

Custom Support Solutions for Incident Commanders

End to end support is often times the difference between mission success and mission failure. Nomad is an industry leader in delivering truly turnkey solutions, including a wide array of customized bandwidth and service support designed to meet the rigorous demands of the client while balancing fiscal resources.


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