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Three Drivers of Border Security Evolution

In May of 2024, the United States Border Patrol (USBP) marked its centennial. A hundred years is a significant amount of time in the country's relatively brief history. Imagine; the first USBP agents had to provide their own horses for mounted patrols (the agency supplied a badge, gun, and feed for the mount). Techniques [...]

June 5, 2024|Events, Homeland Security, Insights|

Production Comes Online in Libby

You'll often hear us say about our Montana roots, "It's impossible to think small in a place this big." The phrase rings especially true when it comes to our sizeable new facility in Libby. Nomad has always embraced audacious goals... Now there's room for manufacturing to expand in parallel. With demand for Connected Mobile [...]

May 17, 2023|Manufacturing, Montana, News and Releases|

Nomad Rockets Into Huntsville With New Office

Huntsville, Alabama is steeped in space and defense industry prestige. It was backdrop to the Saturn V program that took America to the Moon, and today is home to major defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon. As Nomad rapidly expands service to the DoD, "Rocket City" is a fitting launchpad. While the Huntsville [...]

April 3, 2023|Defense, News and Releases, Projects|

Consider This: Hybridized Mobile Ops (Versus All-Electric)

Over two decades, we've been fortunate to participate in some groundbreaking innovations. Few, if any, have brought the sea change promised by electrification. The calls to action have gotten louder and more persistent: It's go time. So, do you dive head-first into all-electric power management (3, 2, 1, jump!) or is there a less [...]

August 22, 2022|Insights|

Megatruck Megapost: The Nomad-built, Verizon Frontline THOR

The tactical edge. Sounds like a dramatic landscape from a big screen blockbuster, doesn't it? The visual fits, since "the edge" refers to environments where communications are constrained, often by natural disasters or other emergencies. Scenarios like these call for swift, confident responses, and in July of 2021, Verizon introduced a new superhero to [...]

Listen Now: Will Schmautz on “Connection Through Communication”

Over the course of 20 years, Nomad has encountered constant and cosmic change. Our customers' missions never stop evolving. The spheres in which they operate get more complex by the day. We've adapted and innovated in lockstep, growing from four founders, to 200 teammates strong. Through periods of trial and upside, the special sauce [...]

June 10, 2022|#Nomad20, Insights, Media|

Ready to Fly: Nomad Hosts Aspiring Public Safety Drone Pilots

Ongoing training and education have always been critical to success in public safety. Technology shifts accelerate the need, and it's never been more evident than in the world of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). At Nomad, we've been tuned into the high-flying "drone-iverse" for years. We regularly contribute to thought leadership conferences like Commercial [...]

November 3, 2021|Events, Insights, News and Releases|

Conversation Starters: Connected Mobile Ops for Utilities

Utilities have always needed a mobile component to their operations. Now, connected and networked resources are empowering leaps forward in safety, security, and service, bringing the old guard in line with new customer expectations. Companies like SDG&E and DC Water (both Nomad customers) are leveraging connectivity-first, IoT strategies for everything from inspection, maintenance, and [...]

February 26, 2021|Insights|

Ready, Steady, Go: Mobile Command Center Readiness

We've said it before*; Parking your mobile operations asset and walking away for an extended period of time is a precarious proposition. Predicting when emergencies will strike is impossible, so risk reduction is the name of the game. Ongoing personnel training and asset exercising, updating, and upgrading reduce the likelihood of encountering unexpected challenges [...]

This Mobile Mammography Vehicle Started With a Bake Sale

Great things can arise from humble, purposeful beginnings. By the spring of 2019, the Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) mobile mammography coach, dubbed The Winkley Women's Center, had seen 11 years of service. Across Montana's rural and remote health deserts, vital services were brought closer to those in need. The original Winkley Women's Center [...]

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