Tactical Operations

Nomad’s quick to deploy, scalable and highly flexible Tactical Command and Communication Solutions allow you unprecedented access to the disaster area and give you unparalleled on-site communication capabilities. All products are designed with the Total Operating Picture (TOP) in mind, allowing vehicles connected to TOP to share information across all platforms.

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Revolutionary Platforms

Improving Incident Management

Over the past decade, Nomad has been listening to clients and recognizing that the majority of the Mobile Command vehicles being built today are only used a handful of times a year. With our Tactical Products, Nomad is changing the way the industry thinks about how Mobile Command and Communication can be accomplished.

fire command vehicle

Tactical Vehicle Workstation

Increase Situational Awareness

Tactical Products get You Closer to the Incident

With a 4 person work area in the back of the Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV), multiple agencies can collaborate in a climate controlled environment instead of at the back tailgate of an agency SUV. The onboard data network includes video, voice and data giving the Incident Commander a full understanding of the incident allowing them to control the scene.


A decade of research shows that 85% of all incidents require only 3-4 workstations to manage that incident.

Armed with that information, Nomad’s engineering and IT design teams developed the Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV) and each following ancillary or standalone trailer and man portable solution to support this philosophy. The scalability of the Tactical Product line gives the Incident Commander the ability deploy the appropriate resources based on the Incident size.

Cost Effective

Sometimes spending $500,000+ on a Mobile Command Center is appropriate. However, with agencies being asked to do more with less, shouldn’t you have the ability to choose a Mobile Command Center that best fits not only your operational goals but also your budget?

Communications Trailers

Command Vehicle Towing Trailer

Versatile and Flexible

When disasters strike it is rarely in convenient or easy to reach locations.

You need a vehicle that can get you into any location and you need an intuitive system to set it up quickly and effectively. Nomad has built the TCV on a 4×4 chassis ensuring that the majority of your agency has the ability to drive it to the scene. It is also designed so most dealerships or fleets can easily maintain the chassis extending the life of the platform.

Communication Solutions

Communication Satellite

View options for outfitting a new system, upgrading an existing network or adding man portable applications.

Industry Solutions

Hazmat Trailer

Explore specialized solutions for industries including energy, military, public safety and education.

Mobile Command Centers

Mobile Command Vehicles

From small surveillance vehicles to 20 person classrooms, mobile command units are designed to meet each client’s unique operational needs.