Traditional command vehicles aren’t always equipped to meet the challenges of tough environments and fall short due to disparate components, sluggish deployment, and the need for specially-trained operators.

The Nomad team addressed those problems head-on in developing the Nomad Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV) which is the best-connected, most capable mobile operations platform in the world. The TCV was created using a simple philosophy: Eliminate complexity and create no separate systems. The result is a revolutionary, completely integrated platform that has proven itself in the field over and over in defense, public safety, utility, and other applications worldwide. Let’s explore what makes the TCV such a powerful solution.

What are the basic components of a tactical command vehicle?

While each TCV is built to custom specifications, there are certain functional components that make up a tactical command vehicle.

Connectivity Systems: A KyWay Flat-Panel Satellite

The ability to have undisrupted communication in an emergency or tactical situation is paramount. Nomad’s TCV is equipped with a built-in KyWay flat-panel satellite terminal to ensure communications are always on.

Power Generator: NeverDown Technologies

Let’s face it, no matter how kitted out a command vehicle, it is worthless without power. Nomad’s proprietary NeverDown technologies system makes sure the TCV is always able to keep its systems running uninterrupted. It includes a unique combination of a generator and engine-driven alternator to fill the gaps when necessary.

Mobile Workstation

The work must go on. A critical component of any mobile command vehicle is a workstation that allows critical personnel to stay on task. The TCV includes an ergonomic, task-oriented workstation and has options for features like a touch-screen table, and secure data encryption for all interoperable communications.

Off-Pavement and Off-Grid

Emergency situations can happen anywhere and can be disastrous if help can’t make it to the scene. The Nomad TCV is off-road and off-grid ready to conquer even the roughest terrain. It has four-wheel drive, high ground clearance and ruggedized components to ensure it will arrive on scene fully functional.

How many different tactical vehicles does Nomad offer?

Nomad currently offers two different tactical vehicles, the TCV and the TCV-X. The main difference between the two is the TCV-X is designed for missions that require less on-the-move workspace. It also has a larger command shelter than the original TCV, is configurable with up to four ergonomic workstations, and offers additional seating.

What are some use cases for Nomad’s Tactical Vehicles?

Our TCVs are designed to navigate the toughest terrains on or off of the grid. During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, one of our Nomad TCVs navigated into Port Arthur, Texas, making its way past other more traditional tactical vehicles and ended up being a crucial solution to communicate with a makeshift hospital nearby.

There are countless law enforcement departments using our TCVs, including the Panama National Police and the US Army. Our TCVs are also great for utility companies such as the D.C. Water Authority. The technology in our tactical vehicles is second to none and our wide range of customers recognize that.

Let Nomad GCS Help

Nomad GCS understands the importance of having a reliable tactical vehicle that performs regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. That’s why we are constantly improving our technology and product offerings. If you are looking for a tactical vehicle, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, so you’re prepared to make the best choice for you and your company.

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