NeverDown Technologies™

Ensure mission continuity…. When every minute matters.

When safety, property, and lives are on the line, your mobile operations solutions simply must work. NeverDown Technologies is a suite of solutions that moves critical mobile operations into the connected future. Platforms that outperform all others. Robust, redundant power. Intelligent, automated networking. Unflinching support for your most critical missions. Nomad and NeverDown are in the truck with you.

NeverDown Technologies // 4 Key Components

01_Platform: Mobile solutions custom-designed to serve your unique mission. You imagine, we create.

02_Power: Seamless switching and intelligent storage, all managed by NTC.

03_Connectivity: Intelligent Routing Technology automatically selects the optimal connection on the fly.

04_Support: Nomad is in the truck with you. One call, never down.

Platform // The Right Hammer

Just as you don’t need a sledgehammer to drive a tack, and a tack hammer is insufficient for tearing down walls, a mobile ops solution should suit your specific needs. Vehicle, trailer, unmanned, or human-portable. All-inclusive command or mission-driven tactical. EMI/RF shielded, telemetry and range ops, medical, utilities, and more… Nomad doesn’t force you into a box. We build the box around you. Made to exacting, industry-best standards in Montana, USA.

Power Management // Two Is One, One Is None

Stable, robust power is the crux of any mobile operation. NeverDown Hybridized Power Management delivers resilient energy conversion, storage, and transfer with seamless transitions between battery and engine power sources. Three systems are available (2, 4, or 8-hour),  each managed effortlessly by Nomad Total Command (NTC) and an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). Scale a system to your unique kW load, overall runtime, and runtime by power source. Customize discharge/recharge profiles to save fuel, cut emissions, and provide silent operations (on-demand or scheduled).

Connectivity // Simply the Best

Nomad’s exclusive Intelligent Routing Technology looks at all available connections (satellite, cell, and terrestrial), evaluates them based on your priorities (speed, reliability, cost, and other custom parameters), then selects the optimal route. No need to monitor the process manually… This all happens behind the scenes, several times per second.

Support // We Have Your Six

Nomad doesn’t do “transactions.” Our 100+ dedicated professionals are your partners. The guy who runs the wire in your truck will probably be the guy who answers the phone when you have a need. We will monitor the health of your assets 24/7, and our warranty and IT refresh programs ensure your systems are always mission-ready. NeverDown means service for life.

You operate in an always-on world.
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